LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – A viewer with a question about cannabis lounges – and driving.

Ali writes:

“Clark County Commisioners approved cannabis lounges. I’d like to know their plan to keep our roadways safe when consumers leave these lounges and get in their cars. I believe it’s totally irresponsible.”

Ali, I checked with Jennifer Cooper, Clark County’s Chief Communications and Strategy Officer, who told me the County is currently the only local government in the region that’s worked to address impaired driving in the cannibas lounge ordinance process.

She says:

“Every lounge is required to submit an impaired driver prevention plan to the Office of Traffic Safety, which has to be signed off on before moving forward in the process.”

I also heard from Metro Police Sgt Alejandra Zambrano who started with the reminder that impaired driving is against the law. She also sent me a tweet they posted just yesterday with results of a one-day traffic enforcement blitz over the weekend.

To learn more about cannabis rules and regulations in Clark County, click – – – > HERE.

Thanks again to Ali for writing in.

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