LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – A guy who was hit by a car and almost died has a few things to say.

Hal Goldblatt says:

“I’m very lucky to be alive.”

One November evening last year, Goldblatt was in the marked crosswalk at Arville and Del Rey (just south of Charleston) in the central valley.

He continues his story, saying:

“I looked both directions. No cars were coming. But a car came out of the Walmart parking lot and hit me. I flew up onto his hood. I broke 13 bones: both arms, both legs, my back, I had a skull fracture.

He also had five broken ribs.

In a powerful video on Metro’s Facebook page, Hal thanks his wife of 49 years for standing by his side, even as he speaks up for “Vision Zero.”

Whe says that’s a resolution that combines city, county, state and federal money to create safer pedestrian crosswalks.

But Hal’s overall message couldn’t be simpler:

”If you see someone in a crosswalk: STOP!”

By the way, the driver in Hal’s crash did stop and immediately called for help.

It really is a powerful video. To take a look, click – – – > HERE.

Thanks again to Metro for the video – and to Hal for the safety message, which might also include:

Buckle up, drive carefully – and, please put down that phone!

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