LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – A new angle on why some drivers leave big spaces in front of them at stop lights.

We’re still hearing repeated concerns about not wanting to get rear-ended, like Kristin writing:

”Defensive driving courses suggest the added space avoids additional damage to the car in front of you if you do get rear-ended.”

And Natalie:

“People are crazy! I like to leave enough room so I can get away in an emergency.”

Here’s the twist. First from Ann:

“I was told by AAA many years ago to allow enough room to ‘escape’ in the event someone tries to carjack you or there’s gunfire or similar danger in your area.”

And here’s David:

“In these times, carjacking is a reality. If you have more space, you have more room to escape.”

Outside of texters not paying attention, it sounds like most people leaving big spaces at stoplights have their reasons.

And as long as they don’t keep you from safely getting through the signal, maybe we can let it go?

Thanks again to Kristin, Natalie, Ann, David – and everyone else who’s chimed in.

Buckle up, drive carefully – and please put down that phone

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