LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – A viewer email about a bumpy freeway ride.

Kevin writes: On the northbound 95/515, just after the Charleston exit, there are asphalt patches in the far left lane that aren’t at the same level as the concrete, causing vehicles to bump up and down. On my commute, most everyone jumps into the middle lane, while hardly anyone uses the far left lane. It’s maddening. It’s almost like having the lane closed. NDOT needs to go out there and raise the patches so that they are ‘at grade.’

Kevin, while I’m forwarding your note to the Nevada Dept of Transportation, my guess is that their response will involve the new project there to improve 95/515 access to and from Charleston, which will also include work on the freeway itself in that area. I’ll have the official response in a future report. Thanks for writing.

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