NDOT Project Neon’s ‘Main Event’ tangles Spaghetti Bowl

Driving You Crazy

Old habits dies hard.

Morning commuters in Las Vegas thinking the exit ramp to Martin Luther King Drive from southbound US 95 would get them to southbound I-15 found out the hard way Monday morning that the Nevada Dept. of Transportation’s “Project Neon” has shut that ramp down.

The new – temporary – ramp to get to southbound I-15 from the southbound 95 keeps drivers moving further ahead on the 95 to what USED to be the exit ramp to NORTH-bound I-15. It now takes drivers to the right, instead of curving around to the northbound freeway. The new 1-lane ramp wiggles south – next to the main freeway lanes – until drivers eventually end up back on the main southbound I-15 before Sahara.

NDOT spokesman Tony Illia says that “temporary” ramp to the southbound 15 from southbound 95 will be in use until December of 2018.

Drivers stuck on the MLK exit from the southbound 95 *can* make their way to southbound I-15, but it’ll take a little extra time. Take MLK south all the way to Charleston, go west on Charleston to Rancho, then south on Rancho to Sahara, where there is access to southbound I-15.

For the Tuesday morning commute, drivers stuck on MLK will be able to get on southbound I-15 using a brand-new access ramp at Pinto Lane.

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