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Driving You Crazy

LAS VEGAS – When it comes to the final phase of Project Neon, the Nevada Department of Transportation is calling it “The Main Event.”

At the big announcement on how it’s all going to play out, there was a lot to take in. N-DOT spokesman Tony Illia may have only been half joking when he was introducing project manager Dale Keller: “Let’s get ready to grumble!”

Keller said, “We’ll be closing down US95 for 6 marathon weekends. I’d like to point out and note that all the system ramps will be open during this time. we are detouring I-15 traffic both northbound and southbound through local street detours.”

The first of those “marathon weekends” is not too far away. not next weekend – that’s NASCAR weekend – but March 9th through the 12th, there will be a lot of work – and potentially a lot of headaches for drivers. but when The Main Event is all done – around thanksgiving – Keller says all the headaches will have been worth it: “There will be a 40% reduction in travel time as we go through this corridor and as we get done here in 2018 with the benefits of Project Neon on I-15. This will be the last I-15 mainline impacts that we have as we get done with this project.”

Keller said there may be some grumbling, especially when the ramp to get from southbound us 95 to the southbound 15 goes down to one lane. But everyone from n-dot talked about how we all got through “Carnado” and “The Big Squeeze” so they’re confident that as drivers follow the specific closures and detours, they’ll be ok. and we’ll be keeping you posted with all of our traffic reports on the Good Day show, as well as on our website, and all of our social media.

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