LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – From 10-mile back-ups on I-15 at the state line to crashes that tangle your commute, we’re always showing you traffic cameras.

Someone somewhere makes sure we can do that.

There are several “someones” keeping their eyes on the hundreds of R-T-C traffic cameras all over southern nevada 24/7. And they do so much more.

On a visit to Fast Traffic Operations, Conan DeMarco walked me through just some of the many things they do.

Once they zero in on a crash, they can send out text alerts

They may take a call from a State Trooper asking to turn on the overhead sign at a truck weigh station.

A traffic technician might call in wanting to tweak the timing of signal light

But of all the things the FAST folks do, Conan says Amber Alerts are among the most important:

“We get reports all the time from different police agencies. We want to help out as much as we can. And the best way to do it to post messages for motorists. It could mean the life of one person, y’know?”