LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Due to track shifts and road closures, the monorail is your best option if you’re trying to get anywhere near the race track or the Las Vegas Strip this week.

Bella Luna is working during Formula One and wanted to see how this plan worked before the big event.

“Today is actually my first day taking it, I’ve taken it about a year and a half ago,” Luna said. “It’s very fast and very quick and very efficient. I would say less than 10 minutes for me to get from one end to the other.”

For local Aaron Farrell, he prefers the monorail over taking the bus.

“For instance it usually takes me like two buses to get to where I’m going but taking the train or monorail, it got me there in like 4 minutes,” Farrell explained. “There’s a lot of a lot of crime going on just to be honest. So just be aware of your surroundings and who’s around you and keep your valuables, like out of sight, out of mind, basically.”

The Las Vegas Convention Center is just one of the 7 stops along the strip.

Monorail tickets for locals cost only $1 and trains are scheduled to arrive every 4-8 minutes according to day to day operations, as listed on their website.

However, it was a 30-minute wait at the Sahara monorail, due to unexpected delays. 8 News Now reporter Mary Jane Belleza’s ride was also cut short after the monorail from Sahara to the Las Vegas Convention Center temporarily stopped.

“I think maybe more traffic tomorrow, especially with it being game day. Everything is opening,” Luna added. “All the road closures are finally shutting down tonight and a lot more restrictions tomorrow. So it’s going to be more difficult to end up getting through”

It’s a good reminder to plan for delays and to plan ahead.

8 News Now did reach out to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority regarding the delays, they said:

“Trains are operating and carrying passengers, however, as a result of some frequency interference, Monorail is temporarily operating at a slower speed through the area near the T-Mobile Zone. We are identifying the source and the issue appears to have been resolved.

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