LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As the countdown to Formula One nears its end, Las Vegas, security professionals are also making sure they are in place for a weekend that the city has never experienced.

“Everyone has been ramping up not only staffing but what type of staffing and what type of measures,” Jonathan Alvarez, CEO of Protective Force International said.

It’s measures that have to do with the threat level this massive event could bring.

Just weeks before the race, the Department of Homeland Security raised the security rating for the race to level 2, which is defined as a significant event with national and/or international importance. It also requires federal support.

“The climate of the world and the things that are going on throughout the nation but overseas could play a factor,” Alvarez said.

80 officers from PFI will be placed throughout the race area and the ones who will have their eyes on it. The security team deployed over 40 thermal imaging cameras on various strip properties.

“You look at somebody’s behavior one behavior on that list doesn’t necessarily mean they are a terrorist it’s the totality of multiple behaviors that adds it,” Alvarez said. “They check all the boxes of what would be suspicious and then notify the on-site teams – the teams that are out in the field to go and investigate.”

Though they will have plenty of security officials on the Strip, Chief Alvarez said it is up to everyone to stay vigilant and report anything suspicious. His team will also be doing firearms training this week to prepare for active assailants during large events like the race.