LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Many F1 fans coming into town for the big race will be flying in style on their private jets. However, there might not be room for everyone.

From takeoff to touchdown, it is going to be a busy weekend at Southern Nevada airports.

That’s because the high-end executive fans coming in will need a place to park their planes.

“We are talking well into the hundreds across the three airports,” Joe Rajchel, spokesperson for Clark County Department of Aviation, said Tuesday.

Harry Reid International, North Las Vegas Airport and Henderson Executive Airport will be full.

Rajchel said all aircraft spaces filled up quickly.


In anticipation of the fans flying in private planes, Henderson Airport built 18 acres of aircraft parking in March, but that also filled up.

“This is the first time our community is hosting something like F1. First time we are going to see this level of aviation traffic,” Rajchel said.

Rajchel said to get a better understanding of what they were in for, staff traveled to other airports during similar big events.

They implemented a prior permission-required program for every pilot coming in.

“So we can have a better understanding of who is coming in and when,” Rajchel said. “We can’t have every plane land at the same time. We can’t have every plane depart at the same time.”

For those coming in, it is going to cost them plenty. A special events fee is in place for the private planes.

According to the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, a one-time fee for planes coming to North Las Vegas and Henderson will be $3,500.

At Reid International, it can go up to $7,500.


Since overnight parking spots for the planes are full, the ones who are dropping off passengers on Thursday and picking them up on Sunday will also be charged the special event fees.

The fees are to offset some of the costs of accommodating all the private planes. Rajchel said the additional staff and contractors are being brought in to help.

A lot of the private planes will have international travelers. To accommodate them, customs and border agents will be there as passengers deplane.