LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Many fans are planning on capturing the historic moments of the Las Vegas Grand Prix on their phones and cameras.

However, with that many people there, how will phone networks handle it?

T-Mobile said they are installing seven antennas which they’re calling a cell on wheels for spectators to have a steady signal during the event.

“You can have coverage, maybe you can see bars on your phone. But maybe it’s not usable, right? Maybe it’s because we have capacity issues,” Brandon Braunlich senior network engineering director for T-Mobile said.

Engineers also said the equipment is powerful enough to allow many to download a feature movie in seconds.

T-Mobile said they are also upgrading signals across 15 hotel properties, along with Harry Reid International Airport and Sphere.

“When tourists leave, we get to benefit from all the additional capacity that we’ve already built up,” Braunlich added.

The upgrades are specifically for T-Mobile customers and include Sprint customers gained during the 2020 merger. However, anyone, with any carrier will be able to connect to free T-Mobile WiFi provided during the race.