LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nevada sportsbooks took a record $179.8 million in wagers on the Super Bowl, and won $15.4 million — the third-highest total in records going back to 2013.

The Los Angeles Rams beat the Cincinnati Bengals, 23-20, on Sunday in a game that looked like it might be headed for overtime until the Rams’ defense took control. the Rams were a 4-point favorite.

The $15.4 million win amounted to 8.6% of the total bet on the game, which is the fifth-highest percentage win by sportsbooks in the past 10 Super Bowls.

The money bet on the Super Bowl eclipsed the record from 2018, when books took $158.5 million in bets on the game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots. the Eagles stunned the Patriots, 41-33, and sportsbooks made their smallest profit on the game — $1.1 million.