LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — He’s both a nice kid and menacing man to face.

“Last time you’ve seen me or anyone in the nation has seen me play was my sophomore year. I’m a senior now. That two years off of preparation is very scary for anyone who lines up against me.”

There are dozens of Division 1 football players in Las Vegas. At 6’6” — 290, Jake Taylor is a tackle that towers and powers the Gorman machine.

“He looks like he is 35 and he plays like he’s 35,” said Bishop Gorman running back Cam Barfield. “He’s a dawg out there. He opens holes. I have to thank my linemen. All of my linemen are great. he is the one who makes me score.”

Jake has been going to Gorman games since birth. His grandma and mom are alumni. So is Beau — the big bro playing at UCLA.

“He’s the best person I’ve ever met. Brother and all, I’m not being biased. He’s the best person I’ve ever met,” said Jake.  “He’s a great role model in the classroom, family member, and obviously football player.”

Some kids get recruited. Jake was selected.

After visiting Alabama and Notre Dame, the big man chose Boomer Sooner.

“This stadium is about 10,000, when you add the extra zero it’s going to be a little extra pressure,” said Jake. “Knowing that, it’s not as bad, but there’ve been some extra sleepless nights thinking about the season, school starting up, but I’m getting used to it though.”

Taylor is taking his talents from one powerhouse to another. But if you think this lineman is going to lay low with his laurels, you’re going to be highly surprised on Friday night.

“425… pushing 455 right now on bench. That preparation of just grinding in the offseason just to put on the field,” said Jake. “It’s going to be scary this year.”

Gorman and Taylor take on anyone and everyone beginning this Friday.