LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — He attacks the rim like a rock concert. His blocks have bass. Liberty High School’s Aaron Price is a 6-foot-7 spectacle when plays the cello.

“You just got dunked on by a nerd, dude,” Price taunts. “You just got blocked off the glass by a nerd.”

Welcome to the Aaron Price jam session.

He can play the piano, the guitar, the drums, and he’s second-chair cellist in the Liberty orchestra. In an era of specialization, Price is especially versatile

Price is soaring as a scholar and a baller. After missing his sophomore year due to transfer rules and junior year due to COVID cancellation, this is his only year on varsity.

Aaron Price practice the piano. (KLAS)

Liberty head coach Kevin Soares sees Price’s potential.

“In a day and age where kids kind of just select one thing to try to be good at, I think with him, he’s got a plethora of other things he can do that he works at. And he really, really works hard at, and he’s pretty good at all of them,” Soares said.

The 17-year-old is ranked No. 23 out of 800 students, but he wants to play Division I basketball … of course, among other things.

Aaron Price of Liberty High School. (KLAS)

“I’m about to take my cello with me to college. I want to take my guitar with me to college, and hopefully I can bother my roommate a little bit. You know, hearing me practice in the next room,” Price said.

The world should brace itself for Aaron Price, who is ultra-gifted and giving his best at just about everything.