LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The NFL Draft is coming to Vegas for the very first time and with the excitement comes some serious preparation to make sure everyone attending stays safe.

Glen Simpson with ‘Community Ambulance’ privately-owned ambulance service in the valley says they are handling NFL Draft Week similar to that of New Year’s Eve in Vegas.

Safety preparations are underway as NFL Draft week begins (KLAS)

“We have been meeting for several weeks now with the city and county, walking through those contingencies and what that looks like, to make sure we are ready for what’s to come,” said Simpson.

Adding that they will have stations along with the NFL Red Carpet near the Bellagio at the fountains and several medical tents built inside of the Draft footprint itself.  

Heidi Akin who plans on attending all the events during NFL Draft Week says she’s impressed with how fully staffed it seems to be so far.

Safety preparations are underway as NFL Draft week begins (KLAS)

“I’ve noticed a lot of security out here and that makes me feel really safe,” Akin said. “Just knowing they are going to be here is all that matters to me,” she added.

Other First Responders like ‘American Medical Response’ of Las Vegas will also be site ready to serve the community.

Damon Schilling with AMR says when it comes to these Draft activities, it’s crucial for attendees to hydrate as heat exhaustion, particularly for non-locals is a concern.

“It is ambient temperature hotter from what they are used to,” he said. “When you talk, when you breathe and when you walk, when you do anything, you start to lose moisture so make sure you are drinking plenty of water and that you are staying in shaded areas,” Shilling says.  

As for amenities, porta-potties have been set up along the street in front of the Bellagio fountains for public use during NFL Draft week.