LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Known as “The Wizard of Odds,” Kenny White has the pulse of this year’s NFL Draft. But even he has been surprised by what has happened in the first round.

White said he expected three quarterbacks to be picked in the first round, but only Pitt’s Kenny Pickett came off the board.

“Wide receivers are the new thing now,” White said. “I think there’s a nice run … it’s like 10 years in a row now there’s been more than three wide receivers selected in the first round. That’s the first time ever in the history of the draft.”

White noted: “Kenny Pickett last year was eligible for the draft — a red-shirt senior. Decided to go back to college. I don’t think he would have been drafted last year. If he would have, it would’ve been very late. This year, he worked himself into a No. 1 … first-round pick and he’s with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Good for him. Great deal.”