LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — 8 News Now was watching the excitement for round two of the 2022 NFL Draft go down on the corner of Flamingo Road and Las Vegas Boulevard.

First round 1998 pick out of Tennessee Marcus Nash, who certainly has fond Draft memories, said this took him down memory lane.

“It definitely takes me back, just thinking about the whole process, and as those picks come up nobody really knows where you’re gonna go, you can get called, you think they’re gonna take you, all of a sudden something can happen where it’ll push you back, so it definitely takes you back and gives you a little bit of nostalgia about that time,” he said.

He discussed the nerves he felt when he was going through the process and offered some advice.

“I feel for these kids, I tell them all the time to be patient, don’t get too high, don’t get too low, its a lot of nerves. You get called, they say they’re gonna take you and then something can happen where somebody takes a different pick and it can put everyone back down,” Nash continued. “When we came out, Randy Moss was supposed to be the higher draft pick, he was the first receiver pick, but he didn’t go until like the 17th, and those kind of things happen where these big high profile players who are expected to go so high, they get pushed back from one little decision.”

He pointed out that getting too caught up takes away from the fun, and that everything can change at any moment.

“So, nobody actually knows what going on, because its all happening so fast and it can happen at the drop of a hat,” Nash said.

We spoke with a father and son from the Hicks family who planned to be there for the experience a year ago.

The father said he retired in Las Vegas recently, and that sports made living in the city so much better.

“We came in just after what happened in 1 October, quickly became Knights fans, Raiders, Aviators, Aces, I coached for years,” he said. “Sports is what we love, we love the high school sports, college, professional, it’s been great all around. A year ago, we made the reservation to come down here, so instead of staying home and watching we came down here, got a room, and invited some good buddies.”

The father-son duo said that they were loving the energy around the Draft and on the Strip.

“The name of the draft is hope, it’s been great, I got a buddy out here with me visiting my parents, we got to run the 40-yard dash, we actually ran into Dustin Poirier this morning and he made a pick for, I think the Saints,” he said. “So the interactive part is cool, seeing the picks, we got Ice Cube performing tonight, and then you take a break from the Draft, walk the Strip and go back, it’s awesome.”