LAS VEGAS (KLAS) –The expectation for Las Vegas is to pull off a party, unlike anything the NFL league has ever seen.

Every NFL Draft prior to 2020 set the table for what’s about to unfold in Las Vegas.

Steve Hill is the chief executive and president of the LVCVA and describes what the atmosphere will be like over the next few days.

“It’s gonna be a party we haven’t seen in the NFL,” Hill said. “Vegas does advance better than any city in the world.”

87 years following the league’s first draft who would have guessed Las Vegas would be hosting the league’s annual party. Every resort will be involved with your favorite team.

“That’ll make it fun for everybody visiting from all the different locations,” Hill added.

If you’re the NFL you don’t hold a party in Las Vegas without standing out with a 105-foot wide 280-foot deep draft stage.

“It is the biggest stage that the NFL has ever built. And those stages are pretty spectacular,” Hill tells 8 News Now.

Something that tops that will be the floating red carpet stage out in front of the Bellagio fountains where players will be introduced, which will be another element to an already unique experience.

“There’ll be a few little surprises that we’ve added from the thought process from 2020, but the basic plan was so solid that we just wanted to make sure that we did a great job of executing it in 2010 So I’m shooting for it,” Hill added.