LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Oakland Athletics officials were dodging some raindrops here in Las Vegas Thursday. They are scouting around the city looking for ideal stadium sites.

Team president Dave Kaval has been flying back and forth from Oakland for a few months now. This time he came with the owner and an architect.  He’s here looking around to see if Vegas is a real possibility for building a stadium and hosting the franchise.

The A’s can’t come to terms with the City of Oakland, so Major League Baseball has allowed the club to explore other options.  But the door hasn’t closed on the Bay Area, the executives are doing their due diligence.

8 News Now caught up with the president of the A’s to gauge their real interest in a Major League Baseball stadium site.

“You know up in Summerlin you get a view of the strip, you know, you get this incredible background it’s just, it’s something to behold… We have sights, obviously, you know, west of the I-15 that view the actual Strip itself and the downtown and, you know, imagine like the nighttime view out of a ballpark with a retractable dome, sitting in the first or second deck. It could be just magnificent,” said Kaval. “You know, one thing you really notice immediately it’s a can-do community. They want to get to yes, they want to find a way to make things happen. And also, people really care about Las Vegas, and what it means and they’re very community-minded and that it’s really nice to see that.”