UFC to LVMPD: Fighter transitions from the octagon to patrolling the streets of Las Vegas

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — He is 5’5′ but could easily kick your… you know what.

Instead, Ulysses Gomez wears the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department uniform with integrity and reflects on the lessons from the streets he patrols.

For a decade, Ulie talked himself into a fighting career. The El Dorado High School grad won his way up the professional MMA ranks and made his way to the top of the sport — UFC in 2013.

He learned an MMA career has an expiration date. When the bell rang on one career, another came calling.

The grappler grabbed ahold of a new passion and would not let go. In 2018, Officer Ulysses Gomez was sworn into the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Officer Gomez is a defensive tactics instructor, and the 5’5” patrol officer may be fresh out of the academy, but his resume resonates with his new teammates.

Unlike the octagon, the streets Ulysses patrols do not play by the rules, but he wants to fight for them anyway.

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