LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A lot of ads showing up on TV these days with Knights players in them. Ryan Reaves is featured in a lot of them, but he has also taken it to the next level by creating a product that is all his own.

We know Ryan Reaves for his toughness on the ice but here’s another side for you. It’s Reaves — the Brew Master.

“I thought about growing my own beer in St. Louis,” Reaves said. “I was going to do it in my basement, trial and error, you know, doing some taste test, sitting down and join a couple different beers and kind of getting the flavor right and once we find the right one that’s when we launched.”

Reaves is already got two beers released — “Training Day” and “Dawn Breaker.” Now another one, an IPA called “Shiver Giver,” is coming out soon.

“We’re at about 120 bars right now and this was only an idea about a year ago,” Reaves said. “So, you know, we must be doing something right but so far it seems like Vegas is really embracing it.”

Now building a business here in Las Vegas is something that could help keep Reaves here in town for a long time.

“I think it was probably the best move of my life for sure,” Reaves said. “You know when you live here. It’s, a whole different world. You know, there’s a whole different part of Vegas that people don’t know is here, and I fell in love with it within a month of me getting traded here. You know I just built a house here. I’m looking to stay here for sure.”

Reaves is a free agent after this season, a lot of fans would like to see him stick around for a long time.

The brewery where Reaves is brewing his beer — Able Baker Brewery — will have its grand opening Friday. It’s on 1500 South Main. It gets its name from the first two atomic tests held in Nevada in the 50’s they were called, Able and Baker.