LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – On Monday, the public had the chance to weigh in on the Athletics’ proposed stadium funding bill during a meeting that lasted for over five hours.

Nevada lawmakers hear from the public on a bill to fund A’s baseball stadium on Monday, May 29, 2023, at the Grant Sawyer State Office Building in downtown Las Vegas. (KLAS)

Senate Bill 509, was introduced on Friday and would give the A’s $380 million in public funding. The majority of the money, $180 million, would come from the state, Clark County would contribute $145 million, and $25 million would come from a special tax district in and around the stadium.

Some Las Vegas residents who attended the public hearing said they were not too keen on the proposal for all of that money to be spent while others felt it was a strategic move to have the meeting on a holiday.

“There’s a baseball stadium in Summerlin that seats 10,000 people. The average attendance at the A’s games is only 8,000 and recently, some of the games have only had 2,000 people there,” Betsy Dart Las Vegas resident shared.”Why are we building a 35,000-seat stadium on the strip, it’s going to be embarrassing paying for this thing.”

The bill was heard during a joint meeting of the Senate Committee on Finance and the Assembly Committee on Ways and Means and was live-streamed for over five hours on the Nevada Legislature’s website Monday afternoon. The public was given the opportunity to call into the meeting or attend in person.

“The way this was voted on overnight, behind closed doors, and then the hearing was on Memorial Day. It’s very apparent what they are trying to do. They are trying to pull a fast one on us and as a voter and resident of Nevada, I do not appreciate it at all,” Shaun Navarro said.

While there were those in opposition to the potential for this stadium to be built, some said it is exactly what Las Vegas needs, with this city quickly becoming a prime sports hub.

“This is a win for Las Vegas, and that’s why I support it,” Steven Morgan shared. “When you look at the future, this is going to create revenue for restaurants and hotels, and the stadium can be used outside of baseball for other things.”

As for the Clark County Commissioners take on the meeting, Commissioner Jim Gibson who oversees District F where the potential ballpark would be had remarked on the matter.

“The financial terms are reflective of Clark County’s prudent financial practices to help protect Clark County’s General Fund and the property taxes of our residents. I respect the Legislature’s due diligence as they review this bill in the coming days,” Gibson said.

The hearing for this bill is not over, and a final vote is not expected until the legislative session is over.