LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Las Vegas A’s will have a temporary home in southern Nevada ahead of the construction of a billion-dollar baseball stadium west of the Las Vegas Strip, Dave Kaval, president of the Athletics organization told Thursday.

The new stadium

“So it’s a great site,” Kaval said of the future location of the A’s baseball stadium, “good for locals, easy to get in and out of in the resort corridor for tourists. We’re really excited about it and we’re excited to make this big milestone announcement to the public.”

Kaval talked about a survey that went out to thousands of Las Vegas residents, and sports fans from other markets asking what elements would be important to make a Las Vegas professional baseball team work. He said the responses were loud and clear.

“Have a climate-controlled environment for the games in the summer, which we’re going to have because we’re going to have a dome or partially retractable dome, and also have somewhere that’s easy to get in and out of,” said Kaval.

The A’s president told that designers were looking into extending Park Avenue near T-Mobile Arena to create a pedestrian overcrossing that would end at the new stadium and provide access from many of the popular casinos and resorts on the Strip.

Kaval expects groundbreaking to occur in 2024, with a grand opening to take place in 2027. As for how the new stadium will be paid for, the A’s have been in communication with various southern Nevada leaders.

“We’re working with Governor Lombardo, Nicole Cannizzaro in the senate, Steve Yeager with the assembly, all the leadership, Clark County, Jim Gibson, to ensure that we put together a package that’s fiscally responsible, that ensures that it’s done in a way that is accretive and beneficial to the public sector,” Kaval said. “We’re going to be contributing the land that we purchased to the public as part of a stadium district.”

Additionally, Kaval said the Athletics have spoken to the Boring Company, the organization headed by Elon Musk which has been tasked with building tunnels underneath Las Vegas.

“We spoke to Steve Davis at The Boring Company,” Kaval said. “And yes, a stop is in our future. Maybe two.”

The fans

Kaval said the importance of a local fanbase for the A’s is paramount.

“We want to make sure that we have an incredible team to watch, and we’re very competitive and winning World Series,” said Kaval. “I think that fan base is out there and tapping into that as an exciting aspect of the team coming to town.”

“It’s going to be a spectacle,” Kaval said, adding that promotions will be important to the club as they get a new start in southern Nevada. “I think that’s going to fit in perfectly in Las Vegas, it’s going to be a lot of fun and excitement.”

Fun and winning, Kaval anticipates the Las Vegas Athletics will have a much larger payroll.

“We’re going to have a lot more resources and to give that type of resources to Billy Beane and David Forst on our baseball side — look out it’s going to be really, really compelling,” Kaval said.

Moving from Oakland

The deadline placed on the club to have an agreement for a new stadium, Kaval said, affected the decision to leave Oakland for Las Vegas.

“That was a big deal because that put out there a hard deadline that we had to achieve and I think that really accelerated our efforts in Las Vegas,” Kaval said, adding that his experience in the Las Vegas valley had been positive and encouraging.

The future of the Las Vegas Aviators

“We have an agreement with the Aviators with Don [Logan] and Howard Hughes [Corporation] to play at their stadium temporarily,” he said. “We’re really deferring to Major League Baseball to kind of help us make that decision.”

Kaval said the Las Vegas Aviators, currently the Triple-A affiliate of the Oakland Athletics, will be staying in the area.

“It’s going to be like the Golden Knights and the Silver Knights,” said Kaval. “Having two teams in town at the same time. It’s going to be great for player development.”