Raiders wearing their masks and keeping their distance


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Raiders are wearing their masks and keeping their distance. But everyone is still holding their breath and hoping COVID-19 is the creep that stays away.

The good news, only Clelin Ferrell has tested positive. The bad news, COVID-19 isn’t punctual and doesn’t share its infection schedule on iCloud. So we wait.

This week, the Raiders’ contact tracers were buzzing after Ferrell tested positive for COVID-19, without symptoms. Three defensive backs and five defensive linemen were held out of practice due to being in contact with Ferrell all well.

This week, The Raiders say the players will be ready for action if the tests keep coming back negative.

That’s just the infectious disease defense, as for the Chiefs’ defense, they are hungry to give Derek Carr problems. Jon Gruden discusses his heavy load of responsibility and reasons for losing sleep.

“No, I don’t have any update. We’ll wait and see what happens, but we’re just hoping everyone remains healthy and gets back as soon as possible. The whole Chiefs defense is unpredictable. They don’t even do a straight defense on the goal line. They have mystery blitzes and mystery coverages. They are hard to prepare for. A guy like Matthieu thrives in that kind of defense, so, we’ll have our hands full, we know that,” said Jon Gruden, Raiders Head Coach.

Gruden was speaking about Tyran Matthiew, the Kansas City safety goes by the nickname “Honey Badger.” A honey badger eats scorpions and snakes which explains how that could cause concern.

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