LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – While still pricey for most, the amount of money these tickets are now going for is a noticeable change. Many are pleased and hoping the drop continues.

“I’m happy about it because at the current price, I just can’t afford to go to a game, but I’d love to,” shared Raiders Fan, Leonard Door.

Many believe one of the biggest reasons for the price decline is the vaccination mandate put in place by the Raiders NFL organization. 

“They went from over $2,000 to now $500 due to the mandatory vaccinations,” said Raiders PSL Ticket Holder, Robert Casillas. “So the Raiders are cutting their audience down.”

The Raiders were the first team in the NFL to require proof of vaccination for all home games. Many support the idea, but some remain opposed.

“I’m vaccinated so it doesn’t bother me,”said Door. “I’m happy to do it as I’ve been to concerts in town where they ask for vaccination proof and I don’t mind that.”

“I will never attend a Raiders game, if they continue to require this. Money down the drain. I’ll sell the tickets to try to break even,” said Casillas.