LAS VEGAS — Kyle Shanahan remembers being impressed with Raiders quarterback Jarrett Stidham at the 2019 Senior Bowl. The San Francisco 49ers coach knows little else about the new starter for the Raiders.

Stidham is an unknown for the 49ers, who rank first in the NFL in scoring and total defense and figure to be a substantial challenge for a quarterback making his first career start.

The Raiders will start Stidham in place of the benched Derek Carr for the final two weeks, including Sunday when San Francisco visits Allegiant Stadium (1:05 p.m., KVVU, Channel 5).

“He can make every throw similar to Carr,” Shanahan said. “But he hasn’t been out there a lot, so hopefully we’ll confuse him (and) make it tough for him.”

The change at quarterback is a signal the Raiders are moving on from Carr and looking at the big picture with the playoffs all but out of reach. That’s not the case for the 49ers, who have clinched the NFC West and can still move up from the No. 3 seed.

Raiders coach Josh McDaniels hopes inserting Stidham will revive an offense that has sputtered over the past month as the Raiders have gone 2-2, losing twice in the final minute to the Los Angeles Rams and Pittsburgh Steelers.

McDaniels also coached Stidham in New England the previous three seasons when he was the Patriots offensive coordinator.

“He’s prepared like he’s playing every week since he’s been in the NFL,” McDaniels said. “Giving him a full week of seeing how this affects his preparation, his practice, his performance on Sunday, I think is a good starting point for him. But I expect him to be ready to go like he’s always been.”

With Stidham getting his first start, it might be a good idea for the Raiders to rely more on running back Josh Jacobs.

After being limited to 15 carries in Saturday night’s 13-10 loss at Pittsburgh, Jacobs wasn’t thrilled with the play-calling.

“Especially when you’re up against a team like this in the cold, you’ve got to run the ball,” Jacobs said after the game.

McDaniels said he wasn’t bothered by Jacobs’ comments, noting other players have been vocal this season as well after losses in expressing their disappointment.

“Hell, I wasn’t real excited after the game either, and so I think the reality is you’re allowed to be frustrated,” McDaniels said. “JJ expressed his feelings, and it is what it is. You’re going to have that at times. But I’ve said this a number of times: I love the guy and I think he stands for the right things. He wants to help us win, and he should, and he has.”

Jacobs was asked Wednesday about the response to what he said.

“I told the truth,” Jacobs said. “If people felt some type of way about it, I don’t really care.”