LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Even before the city hosts its first Super Bowl in February, an NFL official said the league already regards Las Vegas as one of the cities in the “rotation” for more.

New Orleans, Miami and Phoenix have hosted multiple Super Bowls, and NFL senior director of events Nicki Ewell told Front Office Sports on Monday that the league considers Las Vegas in that class.

“We have amazing Super Bowl cities that go into rotation. Las Vegas will certainly be one of them as well,” Ewell said. “We know this is an amazing Super Bowl city even without hosting. All 32 (teams’ fans) converge on this city.”

“We love the sea of silver and black jerseys that come to Allegiant Stadium, absolutely. But we know when that schedule release comes out, our fans of the 31 clubs are looking at, ‘When is my club coming to Allegiant?’ We know that this is a very special place to be,” Ewell told Front Office Sports.

That kind of buzz was already in the air among Las Vegas and county officials, who have touted the draw to the city for the NFL Pro Bowl and the NFL Draft. Constant chatter about fans traveling to Las Vegas to see their team play was even cited in the arguments to fund a baseball stadium on the Strip for the A’s. In the franchise’s early days, the Golden Knights even tried to discourage fans from selling tickets to opposing fans to maintain a strong home ice advantage.

The Super Bowl Host Committee that is preparing for the upcoming event in February includes experts who have worked in New Orleans, Miami and Phoenix to ensure an experienced team will bring success to Las Vegas.