LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – During a press conference on Wednesday, Las Vegas general manager Mike Mayock addressed diversity, Mark Davis reaction to the Gruden scandal, Carl Nassib and the future of the Las Vegas Raiders with interim new head coach, Rich Bisaccia.

The team has had a difficult week after racists comments made by Jon Gruden surfaced on Friday.   The situation continued to escalate on Monday when the NY Times published a report that revealed many more emails and derogatory comments misogynistic and homophobic in nature. The report led to Gruden resigning as the team’s head coach on Monday.  

“Since the day I took this job three years ago, what Mr. Davis has preached has been three things, it’s been diversity, social justice and domestic violence…,” said Mike Mayock in the morning press conference and added that they turn away players who do not honor the values of the team.  

Mike Mayock’s statements were succinct and focused on Davis’ values on diversity and keeping the team focused on the game. Mayock did address defensive lineman Carl Nassib, who is the first active NFL player to come out as gay saying that Nassib had taken a personal day off and that his decision was respected.

“Carl Nassib, he and I spoke yesterday a couple of times, spoke again today, we’re going to meet later this afternoon. He requested a personal day today he just said that he has a lot to process, there’s a lot that’s been going on in the last few days and of course we support that request.”

Mike Mayock, General Manager for the Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders face the Denver Broncos this week and Mayock reiterated the team’s focus saying, “in regard to the Jon Gruden situation, we all respect his decisions, and we’re going to move ahead accordingly. As far as the team is concerned, the bottom line is we’re 3 -2. It’s week six. “

The team is indeed moving forward with interim head coach, Rich Bisaccia to which Mayock expressed full support saying that he’s a great coach who he has supported throughout his career, “he’s the most natural leader of men that I’ve ever been around,” added Mayock.

When asked about how he personally felt specifically about Gruden’s departure, Mayock stressed the importance of individual accountability. 

The Raiders face the Denver Broncos on Sunday, Oct. 17, at 1:25 p.m.