LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Enough is enough. Raiders head coach Jon Gruden was not happy with the brawls breaking out at a joint practice between the Raiders and Rams, so he sounded the horn and ended the shenanigans.

This was Day Two between the Rams and Raiders at a scrimmage at the Rams training facility in Thousand Oaks, California. There was some pretty heavy pushing and shoving during the Wednesday practice, but Thursday it got out of hand.

So, far – no video of the brawl has been released because media were not allowed to video tape that portion of the workouts, but if/when we find it, we’ll be sure to give you a look – but you can listen to Gruden’s response to the bawls on this page. It’s safe to say, he wasn’t happy.

The two teams play Saturday 7:00 p.m. in SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles for the second preseason game for both teams. The Raiders beat the Seahawks last Saturday and the Rams lost to the Chargers.