LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Reaction is still coming in on former Raiders coach Jon Gruden resigning.

There are also questions about where the Raiders go from here with their new head coach.

Reports from NFL insiders that the league is not happy with Raiders owner Mark Davis and how this entire matter was handled.

Adam Schefter reports that the league wanted Gruden to be disciplined before Sunday’s game against the Bears.

Remember, the first email came out Friday, and when that didn’t happen, more emails came out in the New York Times on Monday — during Monday Night Football.

That’s when everything blew up and Gruden resigned.

Gruden’s downfall is a major setback for the Raiders. But what is the impact on Las Vegas and its effort to be a major sports city?

Clark County Commissioner Michael Naft responded to that question during a Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority Board meeting this morning.

In his opinion, owner Mark Davis took quick action and made the right decision by accepting Gruden’s resignation.

Naft represents the district that Allegiant Stadium sits on.

“It’s disappointing when you have quick turnover like that, but I think this will have no impact on all the excitement that’s happening in Allegiant Stadium, both with the Raiders and otherwise. It’s an incredible venue. It’s been really exciting to get it filled up to capacity,” Naft said.

On Monday, the New York Times published more negative e-mails from Gruden. He reportedly used homophobic, racist and derogatory slurs in emails that date back to 2011. The New York Times reported it happened for several years.

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn G. Goodman says she hopes more people learn something from this.

“I don’t think Mark Davis had any choice,” Goodman said.

“Certainly Coach Gruden had no choice but to resign. It was inappropriate and embarrassing and hurtful to so many,” she said.

The team is doing its best to avoid distractions as they head to Denver to take on the Broncos on Sunday.

On Monday, the Human Rights Campaign tweeted a statement about Gruden’s comments, which were made in emails before Gruden was hired. The statement calls for the NFL to “use this moment to double down on diversity efforts & push to create an environment where all players, staff and fans feel welcomed and supported.”