LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – The Indianapolis Colts announced Tuesday that their quarterback Carson Wentz has been placed into COVID protocol and will likely miss Sunday’s key game against the Las Vegas Raiders.

To Indianapolis Colts coach Frank Reich, it was just a matter of time before his team would be adding a few players to the NFL’s COVID-19 list.

The Colts placed safety Jahleel Addae, cornerback T.J. Carrie, linebacker Malik Jefferson, running back Marlon Mack and tackle Braden Smith on the list Monday. Smith has been a key member of the offensive line that has helped Jonathan Taylor lead the league in rushing. Cornerback Chris Wilcox went on the practice squad COVID-19 list.

“It’s interesting that since we had more unvaxxed players than the average around the league that we were one of the last teams to (test) positive,” Reich said. “You kind of feel like it’s going to catch up with you at some point just because the virus is so rampant. But this is what you prepare for, hitting adversity you don’t expect, although this is something we probably could have expected to hit us at some point.”

As for changes in operations this week, Reich said: “There are going to be some elements that are virtual this week. It could be all meetings are virtual and guys just come in for practice.”

The NFL mandated that all media covering playoff teams and games, and the Super Bowl, must have received a COVID-19 booster by Jan. 12. Exceptions are for:

— An individual who is not eligible for a booster pursuant to the CDC definition;

— An individual who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 90 days;

— An individual who received monoclonal antibodies within the immediately preceding 90 days.