LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The NFL wants to move the lawsuit involving Jon Gruden to arbitration, and Jon Gruden is saying “no way.”

The latest opposition was filed Friday in a 24-page filing that was released Monday afternoon.

The law offices of McDonald and Carano filed the papers that opposes the NFL’s motion to dismiss the earlier lawsuit brought by Gruden in Nov. 2021. The new motion from Gruden outlines why he says his initial claim in the lawsuit is not a made-up conspiracy theory. It also claims Gruden is entitled to the benefit of truth.

All this stems from an investigation into the Washington Commanders and the shroud of secrecy surrounding the NFL’s investigation where the only revelation so far has been the release of Gruden’s homophobic and misogynistic emails.

The new motion is asking a Nevada court to rule in Gruden’s favor, rather than accept defendant’s efforts to rewrite Gruden’s pleading.