LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Always optimistic, that’s Marc-Andre Fleury. He says he was caught off-guard, “a little bit” by the trade from the Vegas Golden Knights to the Chicago Blackhawks, but that he is looking forward to playing for them and helping the team rebuild to Stanley Cup form. “They still have a lot of young guys, but they have guys who have won the Cup. Hopefully all of us together we can contribute,” said Fleury.

Fleury was traded from the Knights to the Blackhawks last week in a move that disappointed many VGK fans. Fleury have been seen as the heart of the expansion team that went to the Stanley Cup Final in Year One, he also won the Vezina Trophy as top goalkeeper in the NHL last season.

Fleury said he found out about the trade through his agent who told him that the information was “all over Twitter”.