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Golden Knights

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Vegas Golden Knights are taking over license plates, already on 37,413 vehicles before the puck dropped on the NHL regular season.

As of Sept. 30, 36,097 cars and trucks, and another 1,316 motorcycles were sporting the VGK plates. Fans paid an extra $37 to get the plates, and an extra $10 each year to keep them. The personalized versions run $72, with $30 to renew each year. Remember, those fees are on top of the regular registration fees.

The plates costs less than other special editions because the VGK plates don’t support a charity like many of the other special plates do. Most other plates run, $62 with a $30 renewal, or $97 with a $50 renewal for personalized plates.

Kenneth Reitzel picked up his VGK plates on Tuesday, just 10 weeks after moving from Florida. He’s originally from North Carolina, and he’s holding on to his love for the Carolina Hurricanes, but the Knights are winning him over. “I live out here, so you gotta support where you live,” he said.

Although he had seen the fan support in televised Golden Knights games, he didn’t know it would be so crazy here. “I’m happy to be a fan now,” Reitzel said after he put the plate on his vehicle outside the east Sahara Avenue DMV office.

“The Golden Knights seem to be really popular here. Everywhere I go — the church I go to, work, everywhere I go, down the street, the people are wearing Golden Knights hats, jackets. You see tags everywhere, so I thought I’d go ahead and get me a Golden Knights tag, and start going to some of the games.”

The Top 10 most popular special plates that are available in Nevada are:

  1. Las Vegas Commemorative (88,448)
  2. Vegas Golden Knights (37,413)
  3. Lake Tahoe (21,930)
  4. United We Stand (19,001)
  5. Sesquicentennial (14,242)
  6. UNR (10,735)
  7. Raiders (9,514)
  8. Conserve Wildlife (7,182)
  9. Rodeo (6,815)
  10. UNLV (5,848)

Bob Pelley was picking up plates with his daughter, Bobbi Beckner.

Pelley couldn’t get plates for his own vehicle — there’s no handicapped version of the personalized plate, which he would like to see changed. “They don’t have handicapped plates, personalized. So my daughter is going to represent.”

“Go Knights!” Bobbi chimed in.

“I just think the Golden Knights have driven this town wild,” Pelley said. “There’s so much energy, so much backing and support from the community. It’s awesome … It’s been a big boost for our community,” he added.

“Now it’s time to go put these bad boys on my car and head out,” Bobbi said.

Pelley is also looking forward to the Raiders’ arrival in Las Vegas.

Will the Raiders plate overtake the Knights? Silver and black will always be a little more expensive because money goes to the Raiders Foundation. Only a change to the 2017 law that created the VGK plates would allow a link between the Knights plate and a charity.

Will UNLV make a run at UNR? Wolfpack loyalty runs strong, while UNLV has struggled to build much identity with alumni. Still, UNLV is the bigger school and a lot of factors could push Rebel devotion to grow.

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