Vegas Golden Knight NHL draft picks continue in Montana; 2nd day stretched into 7 hours

Golden Knights

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Day two of the NHL’s virtual draft was a marathon that stretched into seven hours! Rounds two through seven were covered Tuesday, but the big day was Monday, round one of the draft.

The first-rounders captured all the attention, and for the Knights their first round pick, Brendan Brisson, was sitting in a room at the University of Michigan when his name was called.

Brisson is going to be a freshman at Michigan and someday hopes to develop into an NHL player.

“I am a two-way,” Brisson said. [I] sent her mine, but my offense of game really pushes me. The last 34 years, I’ve really been working on my skating a lot; that’s one area of my game I really need to work on. I’m in the white room on the ice, but my game is driven by my hockey. Since my shot, I feel like I make players around me better. I’m always finding the open guy and creating space for my line mates.”

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