NHL Commissioner announces ‘Return to Play Plan’, Knights crowned Pacific Division Champs for 2019-2020 season

Golden Knights

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — There were many takeaways from the NHL’s Return to Play plan announced Tuesday afternoon. First, the NHL will go straight to the playoffs, which means the Vegas Golden Knights are the Pacific Division Champions for the second time in their three year history.

The Knights will join 4 other teams in the Western Conference that will play a round-robin tournament to determine seeding, but will get an automatic bye into the First Round. The other teams are St. Louis, Colorado and Dallas.

Two hub cities will be used for the games. One would house Western Conference teams, and the other for Eastern Conference teams. Las Vegas is one of 10 cities being considered. The games will be played without fans.


An interactive news conference followed via Zoom at 3 p.m with Commissioner Bettman and Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly. PT. This ‘Return to Play Plan’ virtual discussion will be live-streamed here on the 8 News NOW website as well.


Below is the news release from the NHL on how the Stanley Cup Playoffs will work:

The National Hockey League announced today a Return To Play Plan for the 2019-20 season, highlighted by a modified competitive format in which 24 teams will return to play and vie for the Stanley Cup at two “hub” cities beginning later this summer. The Plan also includes an outline for the return of NHL players to their Club training facilities (Phase 2) and formal training camp (Phase 3), as well as information regarding the 2020 NHL Draft Lottery.

Today’s announcement follows approval of the Plan by the League’s Board of Governors and the National Hockey League Players’ Association.

The NHL paused its season on March 12 from concerns over the coronavirus, having played 85 percent of the 2019-20 regular-season schedule that started in early October (1,082 of 1,271 games).

“At the pause, we committed to resuming play only when appropriate and prudent,” said Commissioner Gary Bettman. “We are hopeful the Return To Play Plan will allow us to complete the season and award the Stanley Cup in a manner in which the health and safety of our players, on-ice officials, team staff and associated individuals involved are paramount. Accordingly, an essential component of the Plan is a rigorous, regular schedule of testing.

“On the hockey side, the return-to-play format reflects the League’s extraordinary competitive balance while honoring the tradition and integrity of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

“The Return To Play Plan is the result of weeks of constructive dialogue with the National Hockey League Players’ Association and we are grateful for their cooperation. We also thank our consulting health experts and the local, regional and national authorities who are helping steer us through a complex set of issues.”


Following are details of the Return To Play Plan:

Regular Season

* The 2019-20 regular season is declared concluded through games of March 11. The 189 games originally scheduled from March 12 – April 4 will not be played.

* 24 teams will resume play: the top 12 in each Conference on the basis of points percentage at the pause (through games of March 11).


* Since the League’s pause on March 12, the League has been in Phase 1 with teams having been instructed to self-isolate as much as possible.

Phase 2 – Early June

* In early June, it is expected that teams will be permitted to return to home facilities for small group, voluntary, and on- and off-ice training.

Phase 3 – Not Earlier than First Half of July

* Not earlier than first half of July, formal training camps will begin after guidance from medical and civil authorities.

Phase 4 – Timing TBD

* 24 teams in 2 “hub” cities will compete in Seeding Round Robins, a Qualifying Round and Conference-based Stanley Cup Playoffs.

* The 2 “hub” cities will be selected from among the following:

– Chicago, IL

– Columbus, OH

– Dallas, TX

– Edmonton, AB

– Las Vegas, NV

– Los Angeles, CA

– Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

– Pittsburgh, PA

– Toronto, ON

– Vancouver, BC

* Each Conference is assigned a “hub” city with secure hotels, arena, practice facilities and in-market transportation.

* Teams will be limited to 50 personnel in the “hub” city with only a small number of support staff permitted to enter the event areas.

* Timing and sites will be determined at a future date and will be dependent on COVID-19 conditions, testing ability and government regulations.

Competitive Format

* In each Conference, teams seeded by points percentage.

Round Robin: The top 4 teams play for First Round seeding (regular-season overtime rules in effect)

Qualifying Round: The remaining 8 teams play best-of-5 series to advance to the First Round (playoff overtime rules in effect)

First Round and Second Round: Format (seeding vs. bracket) and series lengths to be determined

Conference Finals and Stanley Cup Final: Best-of-7 series

* The winners from the Qualifying Round play the top 4 seeds in the First Round. Individual First Round series matchups remain to be determined.

City 1

TeamConf. RankP%
Boston Bruins1.714
Tampa Bay Lightning2.657
Washington Capitals3.652
Philadelphia Flyers4.645
Pittsburgh Penguins5.623
Carolina Hurricanes6.596
New York Islanders7.588
Toronto Maple Leafs8.579
Columbus Blue Jackets9.579
Florida Panthers10.565
New York Rangers11.564
Montreal Canadiens12.500

City 1 – Round Robin for Seeding in First Round

1. Boston Bruins

2. Tampa Bay Lightning

3. Washington Capitals

4. Philadelphia Flyers

City 1 – Best-of-5 Qualifying Round

#5 Pittsburgh Penguins vs. #12 Montreal Canadiens

#6 Carolina Hurricanes vs. #11 New York Rangers

#7 New York Islanders vs. #10 Florida Panthers

#8 Toronto Maple Leafs vs. #9 Columbus Blue Jackets

City 2

TeamConf. RankP%
St. Louis Blues1.662
Colorado Avalanche2.657
Vegas Golden Knights3.606
Dallas Stars4.594
Edmonton Oilers5.585
Nashville Predators6.565
Vancouver Canucks7.565
Calgary Flames8.564
Winnipeg Jets9.563
Minnesota Wild10.558
Arizona Coyotes11.529
Chicago Blackhawks12.514

City 2 – Round Robin for Seeding in First Round

1. St. Louis Blues

2. Colorado Avalanche

3. Vegas Golden Knights

4. Dallas Stars

City 2 – Best-of-5 Qualifying Round

#5 Edmonton Oilers vs. #12 Chicago Blackhawks

#6 Nashville Predators vs. #11 Arizona Coyotes

#7 Vancouver Canucks vs. #10 Minnesota Wild #8 Calgary Flames vs. #9 Winnipeg

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