LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Golden Knights defenseman Zach Whitecloud scored a goal in a dominant playoff win over the Edmonton Oilers. Then the off-the-ice distraction came.

ESPN anchor John Anderson said, “Zach Whitecloud — what kind of name is Whitecloud?”

Then: “Great name if you’re a toilet paper.”

Whitecloud is the first Indigenous NHL player from the Sioux Valley Dakota Nation, according to a profile on

And while Anderson stepped in it with a poor attempt at humor, Whitecloud was all business in the Knights locker room after the game.

“We stuck together out there, so, we played a good game tonight,” he said.

He described the Knights’ effort as “responsible.”

Whitecloud hasn’t made a comment about Anderson’s remark, but the ESPN anchor has already issued an apology:

“This is totally on me and I sincerely apologize to Zach, the Golden Knights, their fans and everyone else for what I said,” Anderson wrote in a statement. “It’s my job to be prepared and know the backgrounds of the players and I blew it.”

How satisfying was Monday’s win?

Whitecloud’s words could just as well have been a statement about dealing with a distraction:

“You don’t want to use the word ‘satisfied’ because we’re never satisfied in this room. There’s a lot of work to do. So obviously, take a few minutes, enjoy it and look back at what you did right. Then you’ve got to move on from it. And then obviously look at what we can do better tomorrow.”