Filmmaker creates documentary on the rise, fall, and mysterious death of Héctor ‘Macho’ Camacho


LAS VEGAS(KLAS) — Las Vegas is the boxing capital of the world, and there are volumes of stories to tell about the boxers and promoters. There’s a new film that tells a story of a boxer who’s biggest fight and fall happened in Las Vegas.

The latest documentary is two years in the making about the rise, fall, and ultimately mysterious murder of former boxing champion Hector Macho Camacho.

The 93-minute documentary premiering on Showtime this Friday night is about the boy from Spanish Harlem who was as flamboyent as any boxer in the history of the sport. He was as talented as any boxer that ever lived. He was loved by millions, and his personality was contagious.

Camacho had the world by a string, but then drugs entered his life, and eventually, that took him down and led to his unsolved murder in Puerto Rico.

8 News NOW Sports 8 had a chance to catch up with the filmmaker who says Camacho’s story wasn’t an easy one to tell.

“This story was the hardest to tell, even though we have this great life, and it was really exciting,” said Eric Drath, filmmaker of Macho: Hector Macho Camacho Story. “I could have easily just pulled that, but his murder and the unsolved nature of it created a whole other storyline that pulled me away from his story. So had I not had the experience of no 15 films that had I not had that experience of that ability to say wait a minute. This isn’t right. Let’s redo it. I mean, I had to redo the whole film to make it where it is now. And that comes only from experience, so it wasn’t easy. There were sleepless nights; it’s a puzzle. I’m not sure that I got the puzzle completely correct, but I think it’s — it’s pretty close.”

Camacho’s biggest fight was a lopsided loss to Julio Cesar Chavez at the Thomas & Mack Center in 1992 because following that fight his life began to spiral downward.

He fought Oscar De La Hoya in Las Vegas in 1997. He also fought Felix Trinidad in Las Vegas in 1994. He debuted in Las Vegas in 1982 at the old showboat.

There’s always a Las Vegas connection to most sports stories.

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