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Which lawn mower covers are best?


Lawn mowers, especially high-end ones, are too expensive to take risks with when it comes time to stash them away. Rain and other moisture, critters, dust and even the sun can challenge your mower’s durability. There are still risks even if you place them in a top-notch shed.

That’s why it’s wise to get a lawn mower cover, especially if you don’t have covered storage. In fact, lawn mower covers come in indoor and outdoor forms so you get the best protection possible, no matter your situation.

What to know before you buy a lawn mower cover


Lawn mower covers come in two general sizes: small for push mowers and large for riding mowers. However, these sizes have some variance to account for push and riding mowers varying in size.

Before you start shopping for a cover, measure your mower’s height, length and width. Then grab a cover a little bigger than those measurements so you can easily put it on and take it off.

Denier rating

Most items don’t have an exact rating of durability. Lawn mower covers do, and it’s called the denier rating. This rating is a measurement of a cover’s density and thickness, and the higher the number, the more durable the cover. 

Most covers have ratings between 100D to 600D. Aim for at least 200D for an indoor cover and 400D for an outdoor cover, but a higher rating never hurts.


On top of overall durability, you also want to look for specific protections:

  • Ultraviolet light protection is a must for outdoor covers but less crucial for indoor ones. This helps prevent the cover from weakening over time and getting bleached out.
  • Water protection can mean basic resistance or full waterproofing. Waterproof covers are best for any situation.


Lawn mower covers use one or a combination of methods to make sure they stay put:

  • Elastic hems are common, as they’re easy to stretch over the mower and snap tightly into place.
  • Drawstrings are a slight step down, as you need to manually loosen and tighten them, but in return their tightness is adjustable.
  • Hook-and-loop straps are uncommon. They’re a little more trouble than they’re worth, but can be a good supplement for elastic hems.


Even waterproof covers can still get moisture inside, depending on the conditions they’re subjected to. The best covers have air vents so moisture can evaporate.

How much you can expect to spend on a lawn mower cover

Basic covers for small mowers rarely cost more than $10 to $20. Most covers of any size cost around $20-$50. The best and biggest covers typically start at $40 and can cost more than $100.

What are the best lawn mower covers to buy?

Best Eventronic Lawn Mower Cover

Eventronic Lawn Mower Cover

This uses a polyurethane coating and seamless stitching to be both waterproof and dustproof. A drawstring closure keeps it from blowing away, and it comes in 420D- and 600D-rated fabric.

Sold by Amazon

Best Eventronic Riding Lawn Mower Cover

Eventronic Riding Lawn Mower Cover

This is like Eventronic’s push mower cover, including being waterproof and coming in 420D- and 600D-rated fabric. However, it has an elastic hem and rear air vents, plus a two-year money-back guarantee.

Sold by Amazon

Best Family Accessories Riding Lawn Mower Cover

Family Accessories Riding Lawn Mower Cover

This cover is waterproof but still has air vents, as its maker knows moisture can gather inside without some airflow. It has an elastic hem to keep it in place and comes with a storage bag.

Sold by Amazon

Best Himal Outdoors Pro Lawn Mower Cover

Himal Outdoors Pro Lawn Mower Cover

This cover isn’t going anywhere, thanks to a combination of an elastic hem and a drawstring tightener. It’s also waterproof, uses 600D Oxford cloth for durability and covers anything 72 by 46 by 54 inches or smaller.

Sold by Amazon

Best Himal Outdoors Lawn Mower Cover

Himal Outdoors Lawn Mower Cover

This cover is nearly identical to Himal’s larger Pro model for riding mowers, but doesn’t have an elastic hem. You can join Himal Care to extend the included warranty.

Sold by Amazon

Best Indeed Buy Riding Lawn Mower Cover

Indeed Buy Riding Lawn Mower Cover

This cover has a lifetime guarantee that gives you a full refund should it become damaged or if it doesn’t meet your standards. On top of that is a strong, waterproof and UV-resistant cover.

Sold by Amazon

Best Jorohiker Lawn Mower Cover

Jorohiker Lawn Mower Cover

This cover is big enough to fit push mowers as large as 74 by 39 by 25 and uses a drawstring to seal tight. It has a silver-coated inner surface with a waterproof layer and a 600D Oxford cloth layer on top.

Sold by Amazon

Best Kiseer Outdoors Lawn Mower Cover

Kiseer Outdoors Lawn Mower Cover

This cover uses three layers — a UV-resistant and waterproof layer, a 210D heavy-duty Oxford cloth layer and a PVC coating — to be as durable as possible. It has a Velcro buckle and a drawstring to keep it in place.

Sold by Amazon


Best Szblnsm Riding Lawn Mower Cover

Szblnsm Riding Lawn Mower Cover

This extra-large cover protects your riding mower from the elements and is waterproof. It uses an elastic hem to make putting it on easy and to ensure it holds tight to the mower.

Sold by Amazon

Best Tough Cover Premium Zero-Turn Mower Cover

Tough Cover Premium Zero-Turn Mower Cover

This heavy-duty 600D cover protects your outdoor mower from rain and snow, dust and pollen and UV radiation. It fits most zero-turn mowers, comes with a storage bag and in either black or green.

Sold by Amazon

Best Tough Cover Lawn Mower Cover

Tough Cover Lawn Mower Cover

This has all the same features as Tough Cover’s zero-turn mower cover such as high durability and protection from the elements. There’s also an “extreme protection” model with further durability and resistance.

Sold by Amazon

Best WeatherPro Lawn Mower Cover

WeatherPro Lawn Mower Cover

This outdoor cover is extra durable thanks to double stitching, plus it repels water and is UV protected. It’s large to fit most walk-behind mowers and uses a drawstring for a tight seal.

Sold by Amazon

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