Woman’s walker stolen by alleged thieves at grocery store


Who would steal from the elderly in need? That is the question Metro Police is asking after one woman became an unlikely victim at a store near S. Rainbow Boulevard and Spring Mountain Road.

Metro Police released surveillance photos of the alleged suspects stealing a woman’s walker.  Police believe the couple took the woman’s walker while she was using a motorized shopping cart.

“I think, one: they should do something about it,” said Isabel Saenz, a resident. “Two: get the woman’s walker back. It’s someone’s walker, you’re not supposed to steal that. That’s for someone who is elderly. That’s not ok!”

“It legitimately makes me want to cry because I know how hard it is for an old person that needs the equipment to get around the world,” said Wyatt Rozea, resident.

It’s all too personal for Rozea who went through something similar with his father’s wheelchair. He said it was stolen from the front of a Walmart while his dad was also using the store’s electric shopping cart.

“I left it there,” Rozea said as he pointed to the area from which the chair was taken.  “I kept coming back to check on it and it was gone. So it happens, and I think it’s a reoccurring problem.”

“I just think this makes them look bad and desperate,” Saenz said. “People will do anything just to have something they don’t need.”

The picture of the alleged suspects was taken at the store entrance where the walker was being held.

Shoppers say it’s not the value of the item but rather the principal of what happened.

“I don’t think it’s the fact of what it is,” Rozea said. “People take what they think is free. There are a lot of opportunists in this world.”

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