Woman’s gut instinct saves her from rental scam


Buying or renting out a new home in Las Vegas can be tough enough, but when you add scammers who are looking for some extra cash to the equation, it gets even more complicated. 

Charity Mclean ran into those difficulties when she saw a listing on Craiglist and Zillow for a home on Lodge Haven Street. 

“I found a great little place. It was an amazing price. There was a pool and a spa,” Mclean said. “I was like ‘Wow, this is almost too good to be true.’ As it turns out, it was.”

From the outside, the home looked great, but Mclean knew something was wrong. It all started with an email from a man who went by the name of Jerry Phillips.

In the email, Phillips explained why he was renting the property himself.

“I have been cheated on a few times, and I don’t want that to repeat itself. That’s why I’m handling this by myself without those rip off agents,” Phillips’ email said. 

Phillips told Mclean that he lived in Chicago, so, he couldn’t actually show her the inside.

“I went out there, and this house was just not what was presented in the pictures,” Mclean said. 

Mclean was able to find the real property lister online. 

Christopher Williams is a realtor at Black and Cherry Real Estate Group, who are trying to sell the home. 

“It actually was not for rent, but it was placed for rent on Craigslist,” Williams said.

Mclean believes Phillips wanted her personal information and a lot of money. 

“He was prepared to collect like $2,000 in deposits for a house that wasn’t even his.”

Fortunately, Mclean followed her instincts and avoided the scam. The person who created the listing has been reported.

Williams advises people looking for a new home to meet in person. He also says that you can check someone’s license through the Real Estate Division. 

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