A southwest community is reeling after a double murder-suicide that left a mother and her baby dead. Police believe the father killed them and his dog before turning the gun on himself.

Police discovered their bodies last night in a home near Mountains Edge Parkway and Rainbow Boulevard.

Neighbors who knew the family say they appeared to be picture-perfect. The parents were an attractive, professional couple with a beautiful baby.

Some residents say they were aware of a recent domestic dispute but they would have never expected it to end this way.

A small memorial is growing in front of the home where police say a father shot and killed his girlfriend, infant son, and a dog before killing himself.

“I can’t even bare to think what this woman felt and you know, the agony and I just can’t imagine the rage of  the man who did this,” said Sylvia Rico, a domestic violence survivor.

She didn’t know the family but felt compelled to dropped of a painted rock, honoring the victims.

“It’s horrendous because I’m also a grandmother of a 3 and 5-year-old and I could never ever imagine losing my grandbabies to something so tragic like this, Rico said.

The Clark County Coroner has not officially released any names but neighbors who knew the family have identified the parents as John Lunetta and Karen Jackson.

They say Jackson had just finished nursing school.

In fact, neighbors say she posted about getting certified on her Facebook page just last week. Lunetta was reportedly a doctor with the Red Cross.

The organization released a statement saying, in part: “Our hearts go out to everyone touched by this terrible tragedy…”

“From what my dad said, he would have never imagined that he would have done something like this,” said Philip Punzalan, a neighbor.

State records show Lunetta got a license to practice medicine in 2013. Based on court records, he has never been in trouble with the law. Although police say they were at their home once before, they wouldn’t say why.

“I heard he was a physician, had like his whole life ahead of him and yeah, it’s a shocker, honestly,” Punzalan said.

The youngest victim, just 11-months-old who neighbors say was turning one tomorrow.

Instead of attending his birthday party, this community is mourning his death and the death of his mother.

“It’s a very sad and tragic event,” Rico said.

Police say the mother had an older daughter from a previous relationship but she was not home.

There is a vigil tonight at 8 p.m. in a small park a few houses down from the family’s home.