Woman faces long road to recovery after being critically injured in crash


Daniel Becker remains at the Clark County Detention center Monday night after he was denied a request for bail in court Monday morning.

According to an arrest report released Monday, Becker rear-ended a car, struck another, then crashed into the center median Wednesday afternoon on December 13. Police say Becker hit and killed three people in a crosswalk at the intersection of Eastern and Flamingo. Officers say several others were injured in the violent crash including 26-year-old Elizabeth Meza.

“It’s going to be a long road,” shared Ernesto Meza, Elizabeth’s father.

He remembers the day clearly. Meza’s phone rang. One the other end his second daughter telling him that Elizabeth was in the hospital.

Also in Metro’s police report were the gruesome details of the crash. Police say the impact of Becker’s vehicle against the three pedestrians sent a limb through Elizabeth Meza’s window striking her in the head.

Also in the car were her 4-year-old daughter and 9-year-old brother. “He recalls the whole thing,” Meza said. “He still has not been back to school, he’s a little afraid of getting into cars.”

Then videos of the violent crash’s aftermath started circulating on social media. “Everybody just basically broke down in tears,” Meza said. “Still kind of chokes me up a little bit.”

Police say Becker admitted to smoking marijuana that morning and shared that he had surrendered his driver’s license due to a medical condition.

“Mr. Becker suffers from epilepsy and we believe he had a seizure that caused all this,” stated Bret Whipple, Becker’s attorney. “When I went and visited he had no idea that, so many people were injured. He woke up in the hospital and had no idea that he caused people’s death unfortunately.”

The Meza family says it’s hurting with the other families affected. Despite the pain, Ernesto Meza says his family will focus on Elizabeth and let the law decide Becker’s future.

“If it was something that he was under the influence or a medical emergency, that’s up to them to decide,” Meza added. “I just want to focus and we’re going to focus on our family, our situation, and our tragedy.”

Becker will be back in court Tuesday, December 26.

Elizabeth Meza will need about a year to recover. Right now, her short-term memory is almost non-existent and along with helping her heal, the Meza family says its faced with heavy hospital bills. If you would like to help the Meza family, you can contribute to their GoFundMe campaign

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