Witnesses testimony continued Tuesday in the trial against War Machine.  The former MMA fighter is accused of brutally beating his ex-girlfriend Christine “Christy Mack” Mackinday and her boyfriend Corey Thomas back in 2014.

War Machine, born Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver before he legally changed his name, is charged with 34 felonies for the attack, as well as prior incidents of domestic violence and sexual assault.

On Tuesday, people who at one point or another came in contact with both victims during the early morning hours following the attack gave witness testimony, including the two officers who responded to the initial 911 call made by Mackinday.

There appeared to be a mix-up with Mackinday’s address.  Both officers said the software they police department uses to ping a cell phone and identify the location, took them to the wrong house.  They never found Mackinday who was the battered victim, so they cleared the call.

It wasn’t until hours later that they were sent to the hospital to take statements from both Mackinday and her boyfriend, who was also beaten and has already testified in the trial that they realized it was the same call.

In fact, Thomas was the state’s first witness, and both victims identified War Machine as the suspect.

One of the officers said it was traumatizing to see Mackinday’s injuries. 

“Geeze, her face was completely swollen; both eyes just puffy and closed,” said Officer Somalia Shepard, Metro Police.  “Her teeth were — two of her teeth were missing.  She had dry blood around her mouth and her nose. She had bruising on her leg.  She just complained of pain.”

The second officer testified she wrote down Thomas’ statement.

During cross-examination, she was asked if she had Thomas review the written statement and sign it, and the officer told attorneys she didn’t recall.
Mackinday is expected to take the stand at some point during the trial, but there’s no word on when she’ll testify.
Before all of the testimony Tuesday, there was an odd moment before the jury even entered the courtroom.

The judge in the case was given a manila envelope intended for War Machine.  It was given to her by a juror who was excused from the trial for medical reasons.

The gift was eventually handed over to War Machine’s attorney.  No word on what was inside.