“Wheel of Fortune” contestant loses prize after pronouncing “flamenco” as “flamingo”

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A “Wheel of Fortune” contestant had a $7,100 prize erased when he mispronounced the word “flamenco,” instead saying “flamingo.” 

“Flamingo dance lessons,” the man said Monday, reading a completed puzzle that actually read: “Flamenco dance lessons.” 

The audience began to clap, thinking he had won a prize. That was when host Pat Sajak said, “Sorry.” 

Another contestant then successfully solved the puzzle.

“To explain: what we all heard was — and I know you didn’t mean to say it — but you gave us a ‘G’ instead of a ‘C’,'” said Sajak.

The contestant looked stunned as Sajak offered the explanation.

Earlier this year, a man on the show had a puzzle reading, “A Streetcar Na_ed Desire.” He chose the letter “K” to fill in the blank, failing to solve the puzzle.

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