LAS VEGAS – Get ready for another big squeeze. Project Neon’s going to be driving you crazy starting this weekend.

The Nevada Dept of Transportation’s calling it “The Main Event” – but it’s really several events that will be tying up parts of the 95 and I-15 freeways until around Thanksgiving

Starting Monday the ramp that we’ve all been using to get from southbound US95 to the southbound 15 will be closed. That’s right: closed.

The detour takes you further ahead to a one lane exit that you might recognize. It’s the same ramp you used to take to get from the southbound 95 to the **north**-bound 15. That part of the ramp (to the northbound 15) is blocked off. There’s now an extension that is the new – temporary – entrance to the southbound 15.

At N-DOT’s news conference announcing the Main Event last week I asked engineers about a one-lane ramp between two major freeways, and they said drivers have shown in the past that they can get through big projects like this. The first couple of days may be confusing with potentially big back-ups, but they’re confident traffic will eventually run as smoothly as possible through the area. You know we’ll be talking about, and we’re pretty sure *you* might be talking about it, too. But there may be a workaround. we’ll be telling you about that in our regular traffic reports

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