Speaking out about pedestrians and their role in their own safety

Faytima says that what’s driving her crazy are:

”Pedestrians who cross when drivers have the turning arrow right of way and they have the don’t walk sign. Besides jaywalking, some of them even take their time crossing. Also: pedestrians with no physical ailments who take their time crossing and holding up traffic trying to make a turn before a light turns red. Drivers are to yield to let them cross, but that doesn’t give pedestrians a reason to stroll leisurely or focus more on their phones/companions than crossing the street.”

Excellent points, Faytima.

Just about any law enforcement agency or safety advocacy group will for sure point out the importance of pedestrians looking out for themselves. Yes, drivers have plenty of responsibility when it comes to pedestrians, but anyone walking across any intersection can certainly help themselves make it safely to the other side

Buckle up, drive carefully and put down that phone!

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