NDOT crews may be having a “blast” on the main road between Las Vegas and Pahrump . . .but the highway widening project has been driving some commuters crazy

The latest rounds of dynamite were detonated Tuesday on Highway 160 around the town of Mountain Springs. They’re methodically taking away the hillsides there to eventually add more travel lanes. it’s a process that usually *doesn’t* take a full two hours to clean up, but they want to keep that time window, just in case. There’s more blasting yet to go, with final completion planned for just over a year from now: August of 2020.

NDOT crews have an eagle eye on the calendar, though, so they’re smart enough to give everyone a break over the holiday weekend. The next blast is scheduled for next Monday, July 8th.

Buckle up, drive carefully and put down that phone!

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