What does the gender-diverse policy means to a 9-year-old transgender student?


Shay Bravo is 9-years-old. She attends Fay Galloway Elementary School. She likes to draw, dance and play robot. 

“She liked to put towels on her head and pretend that she was a pretty princess. I didn’t really think a whole lot about it,” said Julie Bravo, Shay’s mother. 

To Shay and Julie, the fight tonight is personal.

“One day on the way home from school she actually started crying and told me ‘I wish I’d been born a girl’,” Julie Bravo said. 

Soon afterwards, Shay started wearing dresses. 

“I wanted to be a girl when I was 5 but when I was 7, I understood the concept,” she said.

The gender-diverse policy discussion has been a controversial topic for months. The regulation could include policies like locker room access. School Board Trustees are expected to vote on the policy Thursday night. 

“To ask her to use the boy’s bathroom, to ask to her use the boy’s locker room, that’s definitely putting her in a way worse situation than any girl that she’s going into the locker room with,” Julie Bravo said. 

Hundreds of people have voiced their opinions about the policy. Some people think a policy would be ineffective. They believe that the current bullying policy already protects students. 

Shay says she hopes people will be more understanding. 

“I’m not scary. I’m a regular human. I know that I keep saying that over and over to you,” Shay said. “But still, I am a regular human.”

The meeting started at 6 p.m. and has been the most passionate so far from the people about the policy.

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