LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The CEO at UMC says while we are not currently in a surge, we are definitely headed that way based on current positivity rates. Now hospitals in Southern Nevada are asking the community to step up their safety guidelines, to avoid a rollback on restrictions. 

Right now, 82-percent of hospital beds in Southern Nevada are occupied. Of those, nearly 15 percent are confirmed COVID-19 patients. 

Intensive care units are 66-percent occupied, with nearly 35-percent COVID positive. 

Although hospital capacity in Southern Nevada is stable, UMC CEO Mason Van Houweling says the way the high positivy rate is trending, is serious. 

“We’re not at our peaks that we saw in April and July, July 4th weekend,” Van Houweling said. “We’re just trying to avoid that, and get really ahead of this. We’re in good shape, but that can quickly change.” 

You can catch CEO Van Houweling’s full interview in the video above.